Movietime: Does the “Yes” Side Have Anything to Say?

I think so.

I suggest using movies with your infant or toddler the same way you use books. Most of us know that it’s very good to read to babies, but we wouldn’t set a book before a baby and walk away, thinking it would do him any good at all! Try these:

Rock your baby or tap the rhythm to classical music or children’s songs.

Be very choosy about what your little one watches—and watch with her. Does the program show courage, kindness, perseverance . . . whatever values you wish her to learn?

Talk to him about what he’s seeing.
“Look at the kitten. He’s playing with the puppy. They’re friends. Mommy is your friend.”
“The baby birds are hungry. They’re calling for their mommy. She’s going to come back with some food.”
“Oh no! Baby lamb is lost. I wonder if the shepherd will find him.”

As for violent programming, I can’t give you the source, but I remember reading that it may or may not harm (older) children, depending on how it’s portrayed. That makes sense to me. If the hero is violent (and cool) and the victim is a loser—the conclusion is obvious. On the other hand, if the violence is inflicted on a sympathetic character, the older child can come to abhor it.

I hope you find these articles valuable! I welcome your comments.

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