A Cuppa Tea from a Two-Year-Old

Is that the beginnings of a look of alarm I see out of the corner of my eye?


I have suggested to May that one of her four grandmas (she’s just met this one) would like a cup of tea. Perhaps she imagines the toddler careening down her parents’ steps with a steaming beverage–until May pours her a pretend cup of tea from her little plastic watering can. Grandma drinks it with gusto–and, we suspect, more than a little relief!

Like every responsible foster mom, Tricia has taught May social graces. Not only was the little girl pouring tea long before the ripe old age of two, she was learning to share toys and be gentle with animals and babies.

girl and kitten



2 responses to “A Cuppa Tea from a Two-Year-Old

  1. Patricia Ferguson

    I loved the cuppa tea book about May. I was so pleased she got to visit with her Grandma for the visit time and they had a tea party. Margaret I also liked the kind comments you made about Tricia. (me) We had lots of tea parties and loved to teach her good manners. Thankyou.

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