Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ear-Splitting Shrieks


So what garners Lisa a blinding headache, and glares from a couple of other shoppers? Post-adoption trauma on two-year-old May’s part, perhaps? Fear? Even terror? Maybe just utter frustration at not being able to express herself.

Or maybe not.

Try joy. Lisa and George are shopping, and George leaves the pair to go over and look at something. No problem . . . until May spies him and the shrieks of joy begin. There’s Daddy–and just a few yards away!

Lisa decides against trying to hush her delighted little one. “Stop being so happy” doesn’t sound quite right. May does well with “Shhh,” mind you. She says “Shhh” back, and resumes shrieking.

Lisa decides that in the time it takes someone to glare at her, she’ll have walked past them. There will come a time, probably quite soon, for May to turn the volume down on her happiness, but for now we’ll all enjoy this toddler who’s so full of joie de vivre.

If only joy were the only cause of headaches!