“I’m just as disappointed as you are, Grandma.”

200196470-001 Grandmother with baby

Tommy’s voice is husky as he empathizes with me.

Earlier that day, Lisa and George picked Tommy up for Lisa’s ultrasound appointment. He left his friends at the after school care with the happy expectation of returning with news. Now he’d know for sure if he was getting a baby brother or baby sister this summer.

Lisa calls first. “No heartbeat,” she says. “I didn’t want you to hear it from Tommy, and I’m sure he’ll be calling you.”

Soon Tommy calls. I’m babysitting Tina at the time, and she reminds me of the movie trailer we saw of Heaven is for Real. Colton met his older sister there, the child his mother had miscarried. Tommy will meet New Baby, too.

Perhaps New Baby is sitting on my mother’s lap now–she enjoyed her grandchildren and great-grandchildren so much.

“He will wipe all tears from their eyes, and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain.” Revelation 21:4


3 responses to ““I’m just as disappointed as you are, Grandma.”

  1. Patricia Ferguson

    oh my goodnesss you have me in tears. What a beautiful story, maybe you could tell Tommy Tricia has a beautiful daughter in heaven who was 14 yrs old when she died Her name is Vicki Lynn and she loved babies so maybe she will be holding Tommy’s baby too. Tricia will be praying for Tommy’s baby too. God Bless.

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