Little Lamb’s Book

Little Lamb

Tina’s sometime aversion to putting pencil to paper does not stop her from making a book for her absolute favorite stuffed toy–Little Lamb.

“Little Lamb’s Book,” she writes on the first one of the pages she has stapled together. It’s a book of Bible stories about–lambs.

I read the story of The Lost Sheep (Luke 15) to Little Lamb and her friend Ruby Bear. Then things take a darker turn as I read (with some judicious omissions) the story of David and Bathsheba (II Samuel 11 & 12).  We learn that Nathan the Prophet told King David about a cruel rich man who stole and killed his poor neighbour’s lamb and roasted it for his guest. I explain to my young audience that the story about David having Bathsheba’s husband killed is true, but the one about the stolen lamb is a parable.

Tina has me write the entire passage about The Lost Sheep in Little Lamb’s book.

At the honoured toy’s birthday party I read another well-loved story, Jesus Understood, from Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories.

How precious this time is!

” . . . I have placed before you an open door . . . . ” Revelation 3:8


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