Deviceomania: A Case Study

phone charger

I’ve got Tommy figured!

Actually, I’ve got him labelled–Tommy’s a deviceomaniac (someone please alert Webster!).

Let me explain:

6-ish a.m. yesterday: Tommy calls to thank me for letting him take my old Samsung flip phone home to play with.

Last night (during a company-wide meeting): He calls to play me my old ringtone.

6:30-ish this morning: Tommy calls and thanks me again.

Noon: I leave the charger with Lisa, Tommy’s mom. I’d hoped to give it to Tommy in person, but then found out I had to work. I ask Lisa to give him my regrets. Not to worry, she says. “When he sees the charger, he’ll forget about you,” she reassures me.

Not so, Lisa.

After work: Tommy calls to thank me for the charger.

Later:  Tommy calls again, still thankful, and artfully hinting. He could the change the wallpaper and the ringtones. Of course that wouldn’t be right . . . . “Why don’t you go ahead?” I ask him.

Tommy’s thankful.

So am I.

Tommy’s eight now, and the time will come when he and I no longer walk these sweet and pleasant paths together. I hope we’ll walk others, but these mornings and these paths are for today.

“Nobody on his deathbed ever said, “I wish I had spent more time at the office.”

~ Paul Tsongas


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