Mortimer and Millicent: Tommy Strides Up to the Plate

Mortimer Jan 2015

“It’s your job to help him have a good life,” I tell Tommy.

Tommy seems surprised. He loves his new hamster, and knows that it’s his job to take care of him–which includes keeping him upstairs and away from Millicent the cat. Mortimer and Millicent would only be a good mix in Millicent’s eyes.

But perhaps Tommy hasn’t heard the term “have a good life” in connection with animals. It’s a refreshing thought for him. I believe that it’s our job–all of us–to make life easier and pleasanter for the people and animals around us.

I’m thrilled that Lisa found Mortimer on the Internet. He was given away by a family that, although they no longer wished to care for Mortimer, chose to find him a good home.

Mortimer rolls around the kitchen and living room in his ball, but he particularly enjoys being underfoot. Perhaps he knows he has come to a good place, just as Tommy knows that his pet is safe as well as mobile in the ball. And we all believe that little May (who will be two years old this spring) is coming to a good home, too.

Proud pet owner and soon-to-be big brother, Tommy is striding up to the plate!


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