“Thank You for this most wonderful day”

This is Tommy’s prayer at the gourmet dinner he and I have lovingly prepared for his mom and George.

Step aside, Master Chef, and drool over our menu:
Mac and cheese, sliced tomatoes, boiled carrots, sausages (except for Tommy, now a vegetarian), and more cheese.

How excited Tommy is to be cooking the finest meal ever to grace the table of their new home!

But the excitement doesn’t start with the planning and preparation of the aforementioned epicurean delights. It starts when I invite Tommy to choose a Christmas gift that he will never see or open, and he chooses surgery for a needy family–at a cost of $25.00–from our church’s catalogue.

A University of British Columbia study reports that toddlers experience more joy in giving than in receiving. And why not, if we have been created in the image of a kind and generous God?

“. . . It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35


One response to ““Thank You for this most wonderful day”

  1. Patricia Ferguson

    That was very beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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