A Prank on Mom and a Baby Sister for Tommy

8:06 a.m. Tommy calls me with a secret.

“I’m going to use gross stuff to play a prank on Mom,” he says. He’s going to bring her a cup of coffee in bed, lovingly seasoned with barbecue sauce. I worry that the color might tip her off, but he says she’ll be drinking it in the dark.

Tommy’s home is a fun place for a kid to grow up.

And soon, we’re hoping, he won’t be the only kid there. The week Lisa and George got married (this is Lisa’s second marriage), we visited little May at the agency. Sixteen months old, bright, confident and utterly charming, May marched right into our hearts and planted herself there. Hope blooms as Lisa and George jump through the adoption hoops and the rest of us try to be patient.

We hear a lot about nasty foster homes–but May’s is a credit to all concerned. When contacted by the agency soon after May was born, Tricia began visiting her in the hospital–several hours a day, seven days a week. When May’s medical issues were stabilized, she went to live with Tricia.

Over 100 people attended her first birthday party (her uncle was celebrating his birthday as well), and Princess May held court until 11:00 p.m.

I wouldn’t call her spoiled, but I would say that she knows she’s loved and that she’s secure. We hope for the hoop-jumping to go as quickly as possible, believing that will give May the shortest and easiest time of adjustment.

After all, seven-year-old Tommy has his “Big Brother” T-shirt . . . surely the family is ready now.


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