Mosquito Mecca and a Special Story for Father’s Day

Tina and I revisit the field where we had so much fun being Wildberry Cats last year.

This time we’re tigers, which is fine while we’re running around growling. It becomes much less fine when Tina marks our territory with her jacket. The field is huge, and the huntresses quickly become the hunted as we slow down to look for the little jacket and the mosquitoes rise to the occasion.

It’s a classical game of predator-prey. Tina walks around looking for the patch of flattened grass where she laid her territory marker, and I try to cover Mosquito Mecca in a more systematic way. The predators are delighted with my bare arms, and words cannot describe their utter bliss at Tina’s bare arms, legs and feet. They send out a general invitation (no RSVP needed), and vast clouds of voracious Culicidae swarm the hapless Panthera tigris.

But–as our adversaries feast, Tina prays that we’ll find the jacket. I pray that too, but I also pray that Tina won’t be discouraged, and that she’ll learn more about persistence.

Our prayers are answered when I spot the territory marker. Just in time, we head to the restaurant for a belated Father’s Day dinner.

You may be surprised to hear about our conversation in the car. Tina talks about the fun we’ve had!

And now she has a special present for Grandpa–our story of answered prayer.


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