A Street Through Time

What do I expect when I find this treasure at the library? Well, given that seven-year-old Tommy is interested in history and likes to read, I think he might read the book.

And that would be wrong. At least for yesterday.

But does he enjoy the book? Oh, yes!

After a brief perusal of pages one and two (“Stone Age Hunters”), Tommy gets to work. He and I build tents of a sweater, jacket and snow pants. I think said hunters would be much impressed by the materials, if not the design.

Tommy picks and dries berries, dries peanuts and walnuts, kills caribou and makes tents from their hides, and chops firewood for the whole encampment. He also visits the lonely grandma. He doesn’t let me pick berries with him (coyotes make that too dangerous), but I am allowed to stand in the doorway of our tent with my spear at the ready.

And, just before his mother comes, Tommy amalgamates all the tents so no one will be lonely during the long winter.

Perhaps the “First Farmers” on the next two pages will also benefit from Tommy’s initiative and generosity.

” . . . whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” (II Corinthians 9:6b)


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