Dinosaur Eggs and Lockdown

After school the crossing guard comes over to check on Tina, who’s apparently playing alone on the hill in the schoolyard.

Oh no, she isn’t—I’m with her.

“I was just checking to make sure she wasn’t alone,” explains the guard. “But she’s with an adult.”

“Kind of an adult,” I correct her, and Tina explains that we’re covering dinosaur eggs so they don’t freeze. The guard tells Tina about the dinosaur eggs in her yard—and the scales in her driveway.

The guard’s trip to the hill after she’d finished shepherding the children across the street reminds me of games Tina and I have played.

“Fire drill” was impressive. Tina got right down on the floor and slithered to safety.

“Lockdown” was even more impressive. Working quickly and quietly, we took her stuffed animals and hid in the closet. Then—and I found this really interesting—we hid the stuffed animals in different places.

It appears that the school has managed to teach the children to take safety procedures seriously without causing them to fear.

I thank God for the wisdom He has given the teachers and administrators.


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