Melted Crayons and a Song of Praise

Tina’s leaping and dancing, singing an impromptu hymn of praise to the Creator of–colors.

Day One: I eat the last piece of Maria’s homemade pumpkin pie. Tina and I cut up some broken crayons into little pieces, arrange them on the disposable pie plate, and melt them in the oven. She mixes the melted crayons into ever blending swirls. I expect them to yield a muddy brown, like mixed watercolor paints.  But no–most of the pie plate is covered with a rich, dark green. The surface of the wax is bumpy, reminding us of a volcano.

Day Two: Who knew?  Tina breaks off a piece of the wax, and under the green are the other colors–bright and distinct pink, red, blue, yellow, orange . . . How did that happen? And the multicolored underside is smooth as glass, in stark contrast to the gnarled surface.

After school, Tina and I go to the dollar store and buy 24 crayons and eight tin foil dishes. We’re so excited!

I help her complete her chores and the party begins. Tina lays out the eight dishes and we plan the colors. She mixes the melting colors–or not–and marvels at the designs.

Another surprise–moments after I take the dishes out of the oven, Tina can pick them up with her bare hands. And, still another wonder–the wax is already hard. She can flip the dishes upside down! We think how funny it would be to do that to a cake, or pan of cookies, or a pot of soup.

Then comes the happy little dance and song of praise.

Mankind has trodden a long, sad path since God first breathed into him the breath of life. But still, in their moments of utter joy, I can see hints of that breath in Tommy and Tina.

“And God created man in His own image . . . ” Genesis 1:27


2 responses to “Melted Crayons and a Song of Praise

  1. dear margaret:
    sorry ,I don’t know how to contact you ,so i chose this way
    i just something want to told you.
    How are you???it’s simple sentence ,but it’s include how much I miss you during I left Canada one and half year
    I miss “English Zone” slogan on the wall in classroom,I miss you sat in my side when you
    teach me English Grammar,
    I miss your voice when we chatting,you are very patient teacher,
    sometime I miss snow,even though it’s make me feel cold
    I can’t explan how much I miss there,
    but I hope you know ,you do everything,it’s really important for who want learn English.
    you gave me amazing learn experience!!!Thank you!!!!!!

    I still working in the salon,There are many things that have been happening in my life, but only a few things are really exciting,
    I will vacation in Europe almost 17 days,It’s really exciting for me!!!!!
    I’m going to Spain, Portugal and France. It’s my first time go to there. I hope everything good!!!!
    I looking forward to my vacation!!!^^

    and I have a question ,I introduction my friend’s sister to the ESL Program,but they told to her that ESL program was closed,so she can’t apply to ESL.Could you tell me why????Thanks!!!!^^

    and I miss you again~^^~~Thank God I met you~~~I hope you everything good!!!
    I got priceless and precious of memory when I living in Canada


  2. Thank you for your message! I’m going to reply to you from my personal e-mail address.

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