The Best Medicine for Tina

Tina is weak and very achy for the fourth day in a row when Dad drops her off.

We sit on Maria’s step and I pray for Tina. I ask God to help us know what to do, and I also ask Him to help her feel better.

She gets into a warm tub, and soon calls, “Grandma, if you want you can get a chair and read me a story.” The book’s an absolute classic–it’s one Lisa made up for Tina’s cousin Tommy when he was just a baby. There are pictures of Tina in it, too. She brightens as I read the book and show her the pictures chosen and uploaded by Tommy’s mom.

The Little Penguin by A.J. Wood is next. Tina has me feel the beautifully embossed pages for her, as wet hands are a no-no.

She goes to bed and we have a great read, with an entire Berenstain Bears treasury and some extremely comforting stories from the end of Tina’s Bible Story book.

She’s still sick, but she’s getting chattier and chattier. Tina prays for herself in the car, and is positively chirpy, although still weak and achy, when we pick Maria up from work.

And I’m reminded yet again–about the power of God and the love of family. When I leave Maria’s, Tina’s on the couch with a pillow and blanket. There’s another pillow and blanket for Maria. Prayer, a drugstore preparation and a Mother-Daughter Movie Night will provide–I’m sure–just the right combination of medications for a much-loved little girl.


2 responses to “The Best Medicine for Tina

  1. Patricia Ferguson

    very lovely stories..Thankyou Margaret

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