“Who’s It?” “It’s the grandma!”

“Who’s it?” calls one of the tag players after class.

“It’s the grandma!” shouts another.

And there goes my chance to sneak up on an unsuspecting player. The child knows I’m “It” because there just aren’t any other gray-haired ladies climbing on the monkeybars at Tina’s school.

So, why exactly am I on the monkeybars?

First of all, because I love playing with Tina. It’s one of my very favorite things to do. Playing with her brings back memories of the fun I had playing with my friends as a child, and I feel honoured to share that pleasure with my grandchildren.

I can still remember telling my mother that when I grew up, I wouldn’t sit and talk with my friends, I’d play with them. I just couldn’t understand sitting with another lady and drinking tea when we could be playing.

Second, I realize that my time is short. Sooner rather than later, Tina and Tommy will want me to wait in the car if I pick them up from school.

Back to memories, I recall the mortifying day my mother subbed in my grade nine class. Horror of horrors, SHE INTRODUCED HERSELF! I must have stared at my desk for most of the period, wishing my classmates didn’t know that this smart, attractive, successful woman was my mother.

Young and brash, my brother took a different tack. He behaved so badly that my mother sent him to the office!

Back to our tag game, Tina runs and climbs faster than I do, and she jumps down where I descend ponderously. But when I do manage to tag her, I have an advantage. Perhaps there’s some rabbit in my ancestry, because I zigzag much better than she does and can sometimes hold my own on the ground for awhile.

So, until Tina asks me to wait in the car, I will continue to climb ponderously, zigzag rabbit-like, and enjoy this special time.


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