Little Lamb is Scared

Not too many more sleeps till Tina and her mom fly down east.

But Little Lamb, Tina’s absolute favorite stuffed toy, is scared. Tina calls and lets me know. I suggest she tell Little Lamb about the prayer we found in her Bible storybook (please see I’d Be Scared, Too). Tina has told her, like, five times and she’s still scared.

I say sometimes it’s the same with people, we have to hear the same thing again and again before we understand it and believe it.

I’m confident that Tina will be a great comfort to Little Lamb on the plane. And I love how Tina is preparing herself for this new experience.

What a wonder of creation is a child!

” I will praise thee; for I am fearfully [and] wonderfully made: marvellous [are] thy works; . . .” Psalm 139:14


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