I’d Be Scared, Too

Tina’s scared. She and her mom are planning a fun-filled trip to the East Coast–by plane.

Tina wants to go, but she’s scared of “bad people” on the plane. I tell her about a time I was really scared on the plane.

“I just about wanted to hold hands with the man beside me. But then I closed my eyes and said ‘The LORD is my Shepherd.'”

Tina jumps up and grabs her Bible story book, which has simple application prayers.

I open to the bookmark, and continue where her mother left off with the story of Noah. And what is the application prayer? “Dear God, Please help us to be safe too.”

I’m excited. “That’s like the way God talks to grown-ups through the Bible,” I say.

Tina jumps up again, this time coming back to the table with a stickie and a pink marker. She copies the prayer onto the stickie.

“You can put that prayer in your pocket when you go on the plane,” I suggest.

No, thanks. Tina plans to take her Bible on the plane, stickie inside marking the page.

“Fear not; for I am with you . . . .”
Isaiah 41:10


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