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Little Lamb is Scared

Not too many more sleeps till Tina and her mom fly down east.

But Little Lamb, Tina’s absolute favorite stuffed toy, is scared. Tina calls and lets me know. I suggest she tell Little Lamb about the prayer we found in her Bible storybook (please see I’d Be Scared, Too). Tina has told her, like, five times and she’s still scared.

I say sometimes it’s the same with people, we have to hear the same thing again and again before we understand it and believe it.

I’m confident that Tina will be a great comfort to Little Lamb on the plane. And I love how Tina is preparing herself for this new experience.

What a wonder of creation is a child!

” I will praise thee; for I am fearfully [and] wonderfully made: marvellous [are] thy works; . . .” Psalm 139:14


Scammer or Not? And Does It Matter?

The gentleman is a conundrum. He’s friendly, and he speaks with perfect grammar although his pronunciation is a bit hard to understand.

Lisa, Tommy, their friend George, Richard and I are chatting in Lisa’s front yard when he approaches us. He has a very official-looking badge with a picture, and tells us he’s selling candles for $20. The proceeds go to programming for people with disabilities.

Sounds reasonable enough, what with cutbacks happening. But no, in answer to Lisa’s question, there is no website. He doesn’t have business cards or brochures either. The only way to give is now, but he’ll take cash, VISA or a check.

I’m in. I ask Lisa if she wants to go 50:50 on the candles. No, thank you.

George steps up to the plate, and we share the cost. But none of us want the candles, and that’s fine.

Then Tommy goes into the house and comes out with a five-dollar bill, his own money. He spells his last name and gives his address to the canvasser, and receives an official receipt.

“You’re helping people go to school,” I tell him.

Scam or not? I may never know, because I don’t plan to check it out. But this I do know: no one scammed Tommy.

It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35), and Tommy, generous little boy that he is, once again experienced the joy of giving last night.

I’d Be Scared, Too

Tina’s scared. She and her mom are planning a fun-filled trip to the East Coast–by plane.

Tina wants to go, but she’s scared of “bad people” on the plane. I tell her about a time I was really scared on the plane.

“I just about wanted to hold hands with the man beside me. But then I closed my eyes and said ‘The LORD is my Shepherd.'”

Tina jumps up and grabs her Bible story book, which has simple application prayers.

I open to the bookmark, and continue where her mother left off with the story of Noah. And what is the application prayer? “Dear God, Please help us to be safe too.”

I’m excited. “That’s like the way God talks to grown-ups through the Bible,” I say.

Tina jumps up again, this time coming back to the table with a stickie and a pink marker. She copies the prayer onto the stickie.

“You can put that prayer in your pocket when you go on the plane,” I suggest.

No, thanks. Tina plans to take her Bible on the plane, stickie inside marking the page.

“Fear not; for I am with you . . . .”
Isaiah 41:10

Queen Susan and the Wildberry Cats

Surely you’ve heard of the Great Northern wildberry cat, denizen of wild clover and foxtail country?

No? Read on . . . .

After Tina has lunch with her mom at work, she wants to play in the field beside her mom’s workplace.

What a wonderful place is that field, resplendent with foxtails, thistles, sweet clover, chamomile, and other creations the unenlightened would call weeds.

I know we’re some sort of animal as we dash to and fro collecting grains, flowers and stems for winter, and drinking the water from the snowflowers.

Aha–the revelation! We are “wildberry cats.” I love the way Tina makes up names without seeming to know she’s doing it.

Then we’re little foxes, the first in our family to wake up one spring morning. As the Grandma (and little) fox, I teach Tina how to hunt rabbits. Mercifully, they all escape as she creeps through the grass.

But it’s hot, and the lovely foxtails, soft as they are, don’t shade even two small foxes. So we build a shelter, tearing off tall clover branches and long stemmed wild grasses.

As we leave, we wonder if our shelter will still be here when we come back.

And I wonder something else. C.S. Lewis’ Queen Susan lost her throne in Narnia when she became more interested in “nylons and lipstick and invitations.” How much longer do I have to join Tina in her make-believe worlds before she grows out of them?

I don’t know, and that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I bask in the blessing of each moment, giving thanks to the Giver of good moments and sharing in Tina’s delight.

“To everything there is a season . . . .”
Ecclesiastes 3:3