Tommy’s Tears and 99 Days

Tommy calls. He’s crying so hard I can’t understand him very well. His mom has shown him a video about a baby that lived for only 99 days.
“That’s not very much,” he sobs.

Tommy cries and cries.

I try to get him to join me in imagining Eliot’s homecoming. Maybe the angel was waiting and waiting, I say. He really wanted to take the baby home because he was so sick. Then when it was time he flew down, picked up the baby in his arms, and flew up to Heaven. And when the baby saw Jesus, he didn’t walk up to Him. He RAN and jumped into Jesus’ arms.

Tommy’s still weeping.

I tell him people say there’s a welcoming party when we go to Heaven. I pray that Eliot will be at Tommy’s welcome home party, waiting for him at the gate.

Suddenly, after 21 minutes, Tommy’s grief subsides. Lisa calls him to go mini golfing, and he hangs up cheerfully.

And I thank God for this beautiful little boy who weeps not for himself but for a stranger, and I pray that God will guard Tommy’s tender heart.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.”
Romans 12:15


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