“Follow the sun and we’ll see the pink sky hanging there”

That’s seven-year-old Tina’s eager prediction when I pick her up late in the afternoon. She sees a thin line of pink in the west and wants to go there.

I have almost a full tank of fuel, there’s chocolate in the glove compartment, and we have a few hours till it’s time to pick Maria up from work. Yes, this is the right time.

We set off with excitement, Tina wondering what will happen when we reach the sun and me wondering how this voyage of discovery will play out for her.

She tells me to go left, right or straight at major intersections until we’re out in the country. Then she directs me down the country roads as the sun sets. Tina forgets about following it and focuses on the pink clouds as they spread across the sky.

It’s winter and the roads are icy. I can’t make it up a hill and the car skids, but I manage to stop it before we hit the ditch. “We can’t go any farther,” I tell Tina. “The car can’t go up this hill. We’ll have to go back.”

But Tina is well satisfied. “We made it!” she announces triumphantly. Indeed, we have reached our destination. Shades of Tina’s color glow all around us, set off by deepening gray as our Creator paints the heavenly canvas for His little girl.

“The heavens declare the glory of God . . . .” (Psalm 19:1)


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