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Christmas with the Angels

At the age of 92, my beloved mother has gone to spend Christmas with the angels. There was much to be thankful for in her last days—an incredibly caring family, skilled and compassionate doctors and nurses, and my husband, Richard, who sang the old hymns.

I wondered how I’d feel the first night after losing her. Would I be able to sleep?

I slept very well indeed, perhaps because I felt I hadn’t lost her at all. Some think those in Heaven can see us and others say they can’t. But I know I can still feel her love, and I look forward to seeing her again.

So what is Mom’s legacy? Her kindness and compassion live on in her children and grandchildren, and in donations made in her honor to the Bible Society and the animal shelter. Some might find that an odd combination, but I do not. The God of the Bible is compassionate to His creatures, and He expects compassion from us.

Mom’s love of words lives on, too. My eight-year-old nephew wants to become a librarian so he can help others learn to love books.

And six-year-old Tommy and I are pen pals. I used to write to Mom two or three times a week, printing her letters on different colors of paper when too many white pages started to confuse her. She would read me the letters over the phone and we’d chat about my news.

Tommy and I began our correspondence earlier this year when he called to invite me to his stuffed monkey’s birthday party. I’d have loved to go, but we live half an hour out of town and Tommy had another engagement soon after the party.

So I mailed Monkey a birthday card c/o Tommy.

His response was exquisite. According to Lisa, Tommy was shrieking with excitement and shaking so much he could barely get the envelope open. That night he went to sleep clutching the card.

And then came his thank-you card. Now Tommy and I correspond once a week or so even though I work 10 minutes from his home.  What fun!

Darren's Letter


Thank You, God, for my mother. And thank you, Mom, for everything you’ve done for me.

See you later.