Why Tina Missed the School Bus

Tina misses the school bus Thursday morning and I drive her to school, arriving at work 15 minutes late. We could blame Tina and me (sounds reasonable enough) … or we could blame one of our trusted national banks.

You be the judge.


Grandma’s Testimony:
I get Tina to her school bus stop HALF AN HOUR early, and we start to make up stories while watching for the bus. After all, we have plenty of time. Nothing could possibly go wrong …

Tina imagines Mr. B., a flying dinosaur who wishes to become a tree, and we create a story about a walking green flower that climbs a tree to hide from the ravening cows. But the one that gets us on the edge of our seats features a bug and a worm that team up to build an underground hotel for bugs and worms. The rooms are in various shades of pink (inspired by Tina’s jacket, shirt and backpack) with black trim. Each has a shower, and the common area features three swimming pools.

Alas! Only two bugs have checked in! It seems all the others have accounts at an unscrupulous bank and cannot access their funds.

Tina decides to let them stay rent free … but there are still no more takers.

Aha! The restaurant food (pizza and roast bugs) is not free, and none of the potential clients can afford to eat there.

Tina once again comes up with a remedy: “bank things.” The bugs enjoy the meals provided by the now generous bank, and rest in their tastefully painted rooms. Meanwhile, the school buses come and go until all have come and gone. (To her credit, Tina has glanced at each bus very briefly before dismissing it.)


The next day I park the car, and Tina and I wait for the school bus OUTSIDE. A startling revelation: Tina’s bus is the first one to arrive! She snatches her toy lizard from the fence and pops it into her backpack, and the two board the bus for a happy day at school.

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.”
George Bernard Shaw (www.brainyquote.com)


2 responses to “Why Tina Missed the School Bus

  1. Love this story! And I LOVE the idea of a bug hotel! I can see Pixar making this movie now!

  2. Instead of an actual hotel, how about sort of a halfway house/transition ward? The bugs that are ready to leave the hospital, but are not quite ready for full-time life in the wild, could stay there, attended to by little girls in pink.

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