Pregnancy Testing by a Six-Year-Old

I have informed Maria that Tina knows how to do pregnancy testing.

She checks her stuffed animals’ blood pressure with a needle to the rear end. This tells her first of all if they are boys (“definitely not” having a baby) or girls (all having a baby). The boys are relegated to the floor. For the girls, the BP reading also indicates whether their babies are to be born today or later. As her assistant, my job is to put the females giving birth today on a higher shelf and those giving birth later on a lower one.

The next time we play, the mothers have all given birth and Tina and I provide post-partum care. I make a medication injector with two valves out of Fiddlestix (TM), and help Tina feed broccoli to an ailing mom. She works quickly but gently on the distressed orange kitty, who requires a delicate procedure on both eyes. Calm and professional, firm and compassionate …

I wonder what the future holds for Tina.

“Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.”
Alexander Pope, 1734


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