From Tears to Cheer

Richard and I are sorting and packing for our move down the road when the phone call comes. Tommy’s crying so hard I can hardly make out what he’s saying, except that his mommy threw some toys in the garbage. Finally I understand that she threw them out because the strings were tangled, and she was only able to save one.

Tommy’s really hurt. He’s made a “KEEP OUT” sign for his door so Mommy won’t go back in.

“I’m going to pray,” I tell him. “Dear God, thank You that Tommy’s mommy loves him SO much, and thank You that he has one toy left. Some boys and girls don’t have any toys, and maybe Tommy will help them when he grows up.”

“I have lots of other toys, but I just have one of those,” he interjects.

“Thank You that he has so many other toys, and maybe he’ll help the boys and girls with no toys when he grows up. Please help him to have a good sleep and feel better tomorrow.”

“I feel better already!” Tommy announces. It would be dumb to put the “KEEP OUT” sign on his bedroom door now … he certainly doesn’t want to do that any more!

So, what to do with the sign? Tommy considers changing it to “Keep off the treadmill if you’re under five years old.” Lisa thinks that’s an awesome idea.

We finish our conversation with a funny story about Lisa, age one year, scolding a pile of mashed potatoes into which Uncle Fred had arranged some peas to make a smiley face. Never had mashed potatoes suffered such a reprimand!

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine . . . .” Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)


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