An Unusual Babysitter

“Thank you for saving Grandma’s life,” says Tina as she strokes Great-grandma’s beautiful tortoiseshell cat (please see “She Wants to Live”–A Christmas Like No Other, December 26, 2010 ).

That reminds me of a story my friend Jen shared with me one Sunday:

Her parents had a large piece of land where her dad hunted deer and moose, and raised cattle. He used dogs to herd the cattle. One of the dogs, a collie lab cross named Skippy, used to “herd” little Jen. Skippy wouldn’t let Jen go into deep water, quicksand or thick bush, but she walked the two miles to Grandpa and Grandma’s home with the little girl.

My friend remembers her city cousin’s amazement: “You can go anywhere the DOG lets you?”

When Jen was a toddler, her dad took her with him while he worked on the fence. Skippy came along to babysit. Suddenly Dad looked up to see that both Jen and her protector had left the scene. “Jen! Jen!” he called. No response.

“Skippy! Skippy!” The dog barked, but wouldn’t come. “Skippy, come here!” More barking, more refusal.

Jen’s dad kept calling and the dog kept barking till he found Jen—fast asleep, hidden in the tall grass with the noble Skippy standing guard.

Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things …. (Revelation 4:11a, English Standard Version)


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