Ambulatory Technician and Master Chef

It’s no easy task for someone who has travelled the world to adjust to life in a nursing home. But Great-grandma is working at it, and the family wants to help.

One day Tina accepts a critically important mission: walk behind Great-grandma’s walker with the wheelchair. Maria walks by Great-grandma’s side for support, and I go in front to take pictures.

Six-year-old Tina has to adjust her pace often, not going too fast or she’ll bump Great-grandma’s feet, and not going too slowly because the oxygen tank is on the wheelchair.

Caught up in the moment, I tell Tina to look at me and smile. She does—for a fraction of a second. Then she ducks her head down to check on the location of Great-grandma’s feet.

I’m impressed.

Another day we go out to the nursing home courtyard, a large grassy area with tables, chairs, bridges, flower beds … and a rabbit. Tina chases the rabbit and a skittish robin, charges through the grass on Great-grandma’s walker, and finally settles down to make dinner.

Each of us receives a leaf plate, and Tina takes our orders. Maria wants prime rib. I’d like a baked potato with the skin on, and Great-grandma wants hers without the skin. Our entrees look suspiciously similar—broken leaves—and we consume them with enthusiasm. 

Maria orders cherry pie for dessert, and Tina has a surprise for me—broccoli-stuffed cauliflower. I pick the seeds off my pine cone, complimenting the server/chef on her marvelous dessert creation.

Great-grandma basks in the beauty of nature, the love of family and the happy creativity of a little girl.

. . . teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12, King James Version


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