How Will They Learn?

After we drop Maria off at work, Tina introduces me to her own work.  She holds “learning classes” for her stuffed animals—teaching them how to read, and how to read backwards.

She’s surprised, and just a little hurt, when I ask her why she’s teaching them to read backwards. But she replies with the impeccable logic and selfless commitment of a born teacher—if she doesn’t teach them, how will they learn? Furthermore, “Reading is important, and reading backwards is important.”

I make a mental note not to question her important work again.

Horse, whose real name is Jingle Bells, is progressing faster than the others and will be going to a different class. Little Lamb and her classmates will remain in the lower class for now. However, when Tina graduates from kindergarten to grade one, Little Lamb and the others will also be in class one. Then when she goes to grade two, they’ll be in class two.

This age of innocence will pass, as it must, but if Tina walks with God the sweetness will remain. What a privilege is mine to share in Tina’s and Tommy’s lives!


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