Footprints in the Snow

Yes, I know it’s May—but we still have snow on our acreage in the Northwest!

There are bird footprints on our porch, and paw prints lead a winding path past the barn. Richard and I wonder momentarily about a cougar, but the paws are too small—must be that big, gray,very friendly stray cat. Said kitty clearly sleeps in the barn, as there are paw prints to and from the ancient building. I follow them, and startle a pigeon in the rafters.

The hoof prints are too small for a moose; they must belong to one of the deer that enjoy munching on our bushes.

As I follow the tracks, I wonder what kind of footprints I’ve left for my family. All of our children have followed their own paths, but I see some places where they’ve walked close to mine. And I see this particularly in how Lisa and Maria are raising their little ones.

What paths will Tommy and Tina follow? Will they put their hands in the Hand of the Man from Galilee? If so,their lives will be exciting, fruitful, and a beautiful bridge to eternity.


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