Choosing Her Friends Carefully

Tina and I were supposed to make pancakes with spicy apple topping together, but her creative spirit has called her away. And it’s no wonder. Maria has bought construction paper in two sizes and soft, brightly colored pipe cleaners. Her only admonition about using the materials is “You have to take time.”

I love watching Tina when she’s ENGAGED. She’s excited too, as she makes Grandpa and me each a flower and a bracelet. I’m to make sure to tell Grandpa his flower is a “boy color” (blue, but orange was also a possibility). My flower is a traditional pink.

Her big white teddy bear and current close friend sits up to the table at suppertime. Beary gets the red plate with the apple topping and shares generously with Tina and me.

After listening to “Noah’s Ark” Tina and Beary drop off to sleep, and Tina notes in her sleep that she sees dry land.

She wakes up feeling chipper, and is pleased that Beary also had a good sleep. Perhaps it was the nightwear—Beary slept in Tina’s  lilac flannelette pyjamas.

Beary’s ready to learn this morning. Tina props her up on the couch and we co-teach a lesson on the alphabet. Beary is learning the capital letters and their small counterparts as well as some key words. Mademoiselle Tina elevates the lesson to a new level of sophistication with a demonstration on producing “e” in French. And Maria says that Beary wanted to do addition flash cards last night. Beary is a fine influence indeed!

I’m glad Tommy and Tina have such rich fantasy lives. Every gift from God is good, and every gift can be used to glorify Him. May Tommy and Tina use their gifts wisely!


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