Flights of Fancy: A Mammalian Duck and a Homeless Bank Card

Tina’s friends are up to the dinner table. White kitty in blue sweater has a piece of broccoli, Little Lamb is favored with a tiny square of cheese, and Duckie waits patiently for his bottle of milk. We “hold hands” with the animals when we ask the blessing, and after supper a delighted Tina praises Duckie for not drinking his milk without permission. Indeed, her stuffed animals are models of obedience seldom seen in their warmblooded counterparts.

Over at Tommy’s, I wait inside his bedroom until I hear a knock on the door. What’s this I see? A homeless little bank card (don’t ask!) with a pile of toys on the floor waits to be invited in. His family has gone off to war, he explains in a pained voice, and they told him to come to my house.

I welcome him warmly, and explain that my grandson used to live there and would be happy to share his toys. I tell him my grandson travels all over the world helping people. That worries Tommy, who says he works at his mommy’s office. I agree. My grandson is at the office now, I say, and will be back later.

As a child I enjoyed many activities with my friends, but the pretending games were the most fun of all. What a privilege to share this kind of fun with my favorite little people!


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