Parent-teacher interviews! Proud parents of Boisterous Boy Tommy, Lisa and Tom attend his very first parent-teacher interview with some trepidation. This is the boy whose mother has enrolled him in a self-defense course because he’s “little and mouthy.”

But he’s also highly verbal. So what’s the verdict, socially and academically?

Academically, no problem. And that’s no surprise. But both parents breathe a sigh of relief that BBT’s seemingly boundless energy—and his generosity in sharing his opinions—are quite manageable in the classroom.

But it’s what they learn from another adult while waiting for their turn with the teacher that sends their hearts soaring.

Tommy little classmate, Raina, has just lost her mom. Raina’s aunt doesn’t share the details, just that Raina’s mom has passed away. And who spoke words of comfort to little Raina, and got her talking about her loss? Yes, it was Tommy who knew just what to say.

Tom and Lisa have much to be grateful for.


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