Mosquito Bite Relief for Tina

Tina’s legs and ankles are covered with bites—evidence of a camping trip, and some very happy and extremely well satisfied mosquitoes.

It’s 10:30 p.m. and sleep is not even a remote possibility for my agitated little granddaughter. Four or five applications of calamine lotion have had little effect, and I can’t find any baking soda in Maria’s cupboard. I scratch the bites for her, but stop short of drawing blood—and of giving Tina relief.

“Some people say that God helps those who help themselves,” I say. “He likes us to try. What can we do to solve our problem?”

I spy some black tea in Maria’s cupboard, and remember that tea is supposed to have healing properties. What do we have to lose? I make some strong tea and apply the warm tea bags to a couple of bites. Ah, relief! I set Tina on a bathtowel on a corner of the couch with a washcloth and tea, and she soaks her bites until the itch has calmed.

Tina beams. “God knew I’d get mosquito bites,” she says, “and He knew you’d think of the tea!”

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed . . . .” Genesis 1:11


One response to “Mosquito Bite Relief for Tina

  1. Great timeing for this time of year,what a cute and appropriate article for me to use..thanks mk

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