“That’s a Bang Hammer 906”

 Tina introduces a new element to our Fiddlestix™ tower and animals game—tools. She makes various tappers, hammers and a “Ziplock” out of the stix and instructs me in their use.

Well, if Tina can introduce a new element, so can I. I ask her if she wants me to build an “extension” to the tower. She mulls over the word and decides yes, we need one. Then, seeing what an extension is, she talks about it freely.

I tell her that the tower is taller than her, and she objects. “I’m four,” she explains. Soon I tell her that it’s taller than me. No objection this time!

The next night, I notice a cute little tool with three spools and a little yellow stick. “What’s this?”

Her answer is quick, official and confident: “That’s a Bang Hammer 906.”

Oh oh! Tina has made so many tools that there are only enough stix left to build a tower three stix high. What to do? The answer is obvious—turn the tower upside down, call it a table, and put up a red flag so only birds and butterflies can land there, not planes.

Our play comes to an end after Fluffy Kitty leaps onto my shoulder, onto the top of the laundry room door, onto a high shelf, and into the ductwork.

The vigil begins. Tina brings two little chairs and we hold hands and pray for Fluffy Kitty. Then we wait. And wait. There are breaks to get toys and something to eat, but then the vigil resumes. “She’ll die,” Tina worries. There’s no food and water in the ductwork.

“You know how your throat hurts when you’re thirsty,” I say. “Fluffy will come down when she’s thirsty. And there’s no cat litter up there. She’ll come down when she has to go to the bathroom.”

Then I go into the kitchen and what do I see? Fluffy Kitty! I have no idea how she got from A to Z, but there she is!

I offer up a prayer of thanks and Tina hugs Fluffy.

The creativity of the human mind is a marvel, even though it’s a dim, dim shadow of the creativity of its Maker.

And the natural compassion of a little child mirrors, though most imperfectly, the absolute love and compassion of the One Who gave His life for us.

How great is our God!


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