Three-year-old Tommy Stakes His Claim with Alphabet Macaroni

Both Lisa and Maria are working today, so it’s double the playtime for me. I give Tommy (three years old) and Tina (four) their choice of alphabet or spiral macaroni for lunch. They both choose the literary variety. Our lunchtime conversation is pretty standard for consumers of alphabet macaroni until . . .

“What’s this?” asks Tommy.

That’s easy. “It’s a T. T is for Tommy.”

Then the inevitable happens. Tina finds a T. “What’s this?” she asks.

“It’s a T. T is for Tina.”

“No,” Tommy corrects me. “T is for Tommy.”

I try to be reasonable. “T is for Tommy, and Tina, and toys and tomatoes . . . .”

“But not for Cousin Tina!”

He never calls her “Cousin Tina.” He inserted the “C” word so he wouldn’t have to share his letter!


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