“I’m going to make macaroni and put you to bed and read you the mother book!”

“I’m going to make macaroni and put you to bed and read you the mother book!” announces Tommy with an impish grin. We had so much fun “yesterday,” Tommy’s word for any time in the past. . . .

We’d come home ravenous. Tommy had wolfed down his macaroni, served himself more, and pleaded, “Don’t let it all gone!” when Auntie and I helped ourselves. And then it was storytime before sleep, one of my absolute favorite times. We covered our legs with his duckie blanket and read one of Tommy’s favorite stories, Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. We stroked the frightened baby bird and assured him he would find his mommy, and rejoiced with him when she came back.

Another of our favorites is the “Baby Jesus book,” the 1952 Little Golden Book The Christmas Story that Maria and Lisa enjoyed when they were little. Tommy especially likes the bad king page, and marvels that the bad king tried to kill Baby Jesus with a sword, but he couldn’t. He finds that exciting, although he still can’t grasp why the bad king wanted to kill the Baby. He likes the last page, which shows a little boy Jesus holding a lamb. It reassures him that the bad king’s plan failed. We pat the lamb and say Jesus was kind to it.

Tommy’s announcement that he’s going to make macaroni, put me to bed, and read me the mother book reminds me of Christ’s command to do for others what we would have them do for us (Matthew 7:12). If we all did this, war, crime and famine would cease. But another thought comes to me: The way I treat others often determines the way they will treat me—and treat others in the future. Thank you, Tommy.


4 responses to ““I’m going to make macaroni and put you to bed and read you the mother book!”

  1. This is such a precious story. ♥ Tommy sounds so sweet!

    My baby cousin also thinks of things from the past as “yesterday.” It’s adorable!

  2. margaret I found Tommy’ ideas so typical of children and delightful. I missed this blog before. It reminded me of our children and a friend of theirs playing a game in the car. “If i could drive you to school, I’d go fast, leave you and go off to see the airplanes” another was giving me the tricycle to use and they would take the car! I think children love silly ideas that reverse roles. I just read How to baysit your grandma y Jean Reagan (I think) anyway it was funny too.
    Enjoy your grandchild my only one is now 15.and off by train to Toronto next Saturday to see our daughter.

    • Yes, it’s so much fun seeing how they think, and their antics bring me back to when I was a child. I remember the omnipotence of childhood–struggling to push our house over onto a bully that had harassed me one too many times! I thought that if I just pushed hard enough . . .

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