Baby Mouse Rescue (or Tina and the Fiddlestix™)

Tina’s face lights up when I shake the big can of Fiddlestix™. We can hardly wait to get in the house and start playing. She wants us to build the elaborate contraptions shown in the directions, but she doesn’t have the patience to wait and I’m not fast or skilled enough to build them quickly.

We erect some towers, and then build baby, medium and long racing cars and shoot them down the hall. Maria is particularly fortunate in that her hallway is slanted and the racing cars roll by themselves.

Then it’s music time, and we march down the slanted hallway singing “La la la la la” and banging two red stix. This is followed by a rescue mission. Armed with several red stix each, we rescue the baby mouse from the monster.

I find that half a day spent with Tommy or Tina leaves me with a two-day high. What a gift God has given me in these little people!


4 responses to “Baby Mouse Rescue (or Tina and the Fiddlestix™)

  1. Grandchildren are truly God’s gift to make up for our growing old.

  2. Thank you for that lovely comment, Jan. I enjoy your stories, too.

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