Why God Make This?

“Why God make this?” Tina asks, her face bright with wonder. We’re unpacking a little toy I picked up at a discount store. I explain that God made the people and the people made the toy, but He’s letting us have fun with it.

And fun we have. It’s a little plastic building set with screws, two bolts, a non-functional wrench, a barely functional screwdriver, and little pieces that are different colors from the ones shown on the box. No matter.

I make a table, and Tina makes a table with glasses. I make a chair with Tina’s encouragement. “You can do it,” she urges me on as I try to figure out how to attach the back to the slanted pieces.

Then something changes. Tina hogs most of the pieces, leaving me with only a few. I explain that I can’t build without more pieces and she accuses me—twice—of not being nice.

“Okay,” I say and head for the living room. I flip through a magazine while praying for her.

She plays in the bedroom for awhile and then comes out to the living room and sits on a chair with her back to me. I continue to pray and flip through the magazine. After awhile she comes over and sits beside me. She shows polite interest in the article I’m reading and we discuss it for awhile.

She’s ready now. “I’m sorry, Grandma,” she says. “Let’s play.” We go back to the bedroom and play nicely with the new toy.

I’m struck by the sincerity of her apology. She had to think about it, to humble herself, before she was truly ready. Then she offered a sincere apology and changed her ways.

How beautiful is the heart of a child!

“. . . Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 18:3


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