What is Great-grandma’s Legacy?

Richard’s mom’s gone home to Heaven. Forgetting she couldn’t walk, she’d injured her foot trying to get out of bed. Just a small scrape, but the resulting infection, although treated with antibiotics, had raced through her system—and set her free.

Great-grandma had wanted to go home and “see Daddy” (her husband) for so long—even though I’d tried to encourage her that as long as she was here, God had work for her to do. She’d normally lit up, although for briefer and briefer flashes, when Richard or I went to see her. But the flashes became flickers as her system prepared for shutdown.

So what is Great-grandma’s legacy to Tommy and Tina?

They won’t remember her, but they’ll see pictures of her holding them and see the delight on her face. Although she tended to feel insecure around adults, Richard’s mom shone with babies and small children.

I hope they will read her story as she gets older. She was a shy country girl who went to the city to find work at the age of 18, became a partner in a dairy/milk delivery business, met Christ as her Savior and Lord, and met a handsome young college student in the home of one of her customers. She and this man were married for 55 years. Then he entered eternity, and last week she joined him.

Richard’s mom told her children stories:
* of life in a tent before the family shack was built
* cutting down trees to heat their tar paper shack
* the tornado that picked up their house and set it in a nearby field
* riding bareback to round up the cattle
* calling up the chimney for her Christmas gift, a little iron
* bringing water from home on skis or horseback for the schoolchildren
* the schoolhouse where she shone as a student, winning prize money in an essay contest and buying her very own horse.

She and her sister used to walk a sickly boy to school and back to protect him from a bully. This sickly boy was later healed and became an evangelist.

Mom also remembered a cure for a bad temper: immersion in a tub of hot water, ice cold water dumped over her head, and then off to bed!

Her auntie rode the open prairies on an ox to round up the cattle, and her sister learned to work in a restaurant even before she went to school.

Her brother learned to ride a horse standing up and, along with another naughty boy, turned chickens loose on a passenger train one Halloween.

In my next post, I’ll tell you about her memorial service, and the surprising revelation from our nephew.


One response to “What is Great-grandma’s Legacy?

  1. Thank you for answering my question, and thank you for the work you are doing for others. You must have many stories! God bless you.

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