Outside the Box

Tommy’s mom, Lisa, and a friend are drinking coffee—from MUGS. Tommy’s still a baby, not talking much, but he knows what he wants and he’s making it very clear. He wants a mug, too.

Mom is also clear. The answer is no. Grown-ups get mugs, babies get bottles.

What to do now? Throw a tantrum, perhaps? Give up? How about think outside the bottle, er box?

Tommy gets a mug for himself, puts his bottle in it, and settles down for a drink.

Creative solution, no?

Perhaps Tommy has a role to play in labor negotiations. Can you see him at the table now, where bitter, angry workers stare down intractable owners? Teeth gnash, tempers flare. Take your bottle out of your diaper bag, Tommy, and get that union boss to pass you his mug. Show these big boys how it’s done!


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