It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

. . .  when Tina was born.

The call came about 1:30 a.m. Maria had gone into labor, but didn’t think I needed to come right away. RIGHT! Richard packed me a snack and I left in a blinding January blizzard. My original plan to drive on the right side of the highway (a plan probably shared by many drivers in the West) quickly gave way to Plan B—stay between the ditches. Under 10 miles an hour, eyes straining to see even a foot in front of the car, on guard for slanting pavement that would indicate I was inches from either ditch . . . I crawled.

Thankfully, there were no one else (go figure!) on the worst stretch of road. 

I was so pleased that I’d been invited to join my daughter’s labor party, consisting of her husband, sister and friends. A little weather wasn’t going to hold me back!

And it didn’t. The storm abated as I approached the city, and I arrived at the hospital before Tina made her entrance.

I was so excited when the nurse brought her into the room, but I was also afraid. Perhaps I wouldn’t qualify. “Could somebody hold her?” I ventured timidly.

“And could that somebody be Grandma?” Maria’s sister laughed.

Awestruck, I held my featherweight, peaceful, already very much loved baby granddaughter.

Welcome to my blog. I have kept baby books since Tommy’s and Tina’s births, and have many stories to share with you. They won’t necessarily be in chronological order, as I’m most excited about what’s happening now. Tommy’s two and his cousin Tina is three, and I’ve been recording their adventures in “Grandma” baby books since Day One.


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