Even a Child

“Go dark, Grandma! Go car!” It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’ve come to babysit two-year-old Tina. She doesn’t want me to babysit her. She doesn’t want her mommy to go to work.

She wants to hurt me with her words, and she does.

I put her sharp words behind me and Tina and I spend a happy morning playing.

Then, at lunch, a little hand touches my arm. “Sorry, Grandma!”

“Why are you sorry?” I ask. “Did you hurt Grandma?”

“I hurt Grandma any more, okay?” she promises. “Won’t” isn’t in her two-year-old vocabulary yet, but Tina’s meaning is clear. Her conscience—or may I say her Father in Heaven?—has been working in her.

I lift up a prayer of gratitude.

Later that afternoon, we play in the bedroom. After awhile Tina grows quiet and curls up in her toy box. I suspect she wants to go to sleep, but don’t want to leave if she still wants me there. I wait quietly.

“Go play, Grandma,” she says. Kind words, tactful words from a little girl who’s ready to sleep.

I leave the room, heart full of gratitude, and Tina drifts off to sleep.

“Even a child is known by his doings” Proverbs 20:11


2 responses to “Even a Child

  1. Such a sweet story with an unexpected ending! Much love.

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